How to mineralize soil: Walstad method

This infographic is adapted from Aaron T’s popular How to: Mineralized Soil Substrate article. Please read the original article for an indepth understanding of the topic. The information has been collected and categorized from over 200 posts.

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[…] Re: INFOGRAPHIC: How to Mineralized Soil Substrate Greetings all, I have updated the infographic. For ease of documentation and maintenance, i have created a special website which will host all of these infographics. A bunch of features will be added to the site over a period of time. So, i invite you all to view the updated version here: Aqua Calc Infographics […]

[…] Nature's something? It was the cheapest stuff they had 😀 I'm sure lowes had a super cheap version too. Fancy organic/fertilizer fortified stuff works against you. If you are not doing the MTS method , but rather doing the Walstad method, you should read the thread linked earlier. They talk about using MGOPCPM that OC mentioned. It isn't because it is best, but rather because it is pretty standardized nationally and people have figured out how to best use it. Speaking of step by step, here is a super easy MTS infographic. (remember that you do NOT want Dolomite-Lime, but rather dolomite mineral. I linked earlier. AaronT at APC might have extra if you go that route). How to mineralize soil: Walstad Method – Aqua Calc Infographics […]

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